Ever wanted to learn how to do a (non-scary looking) dramatic eye??  Check out my latest CLINIQUE video below!  Over 200,000 views so far!!


Last week was a busy one!  I was once again on set for First Aid Beauty (firstaidbeauty.com) AND I shot a two day industrial for Stuart Weitzman! Both shoots were super fun...check out some behind the scenes shots below!

I have recently been put on hold for THERMOHEAT, an ABC Promo, and SAMSUNG!

The Second video in the Clinique series: Quick, Glossy Lips!

Our first video in the Clinique series: Contouring!

The 'How To' videos I shot recently are going to be airing soon! Here is a screen shot from the Clinique website :)



You know what's cool??  Seeing yourself on billboards all over Boston, Philadelphia and New York!!!   

It has been a busy 6 months!  So busy that I forgot to update my website...???   In the last few months I have booked a print at for OralB, a pharmaceutical ad for GlaxoSmithKline, a Comcast commercial, a voiceover job for Sumday Financial, a voiceover for McGraw Hill, a print job for getpampered.com, a cool web project for Clinique and an educational 'mockumentary'!  I have also been put on hold for jobs with BOD, Cognizant, Herpecin and Heineken!


Booked another Toys R Us commercial print shoot and got shortlisted for Mt. Airy Casino Resort commercial was put on hold for a Comcast commercial!

This week: shooting commercial print campaigns for Babies R Us AND Toys R Us!   Look for me on the cover of Babies R Us Catalogue in May...

I just booked an industrial for ADP!

I recently started studying with Sean Patrick Folster at the Craft Gym NYC (www.craftgymnyc.com).  It feels great to be back in class!

My episode of Scorned: Love Kills is premiering this Saturday, January 25th at 10:00pm. The episode is titled "God's Gift to Women".   www.investigationdiscovery.com

I just booked an infomercial for KyroBak!   www.trykyro.com

I booked industrials for First Aid Beauty Cosmetics (www.firstaidbeauty.com) and McGraw Hill!  I was put on hold for OrthoGlide and Ocean First Bank!

I got put on hold for a BudLight commercial!

I have been cast in "Bedtime Tales" with The Actor's Project NYC!  I will be performing at The Abington Main Stages on Tuesday, October 8th at The June Havoc Theatre!  More information and tickets at:  www.theactorsprojectnyc.com

Hello, PAMPERS!  Woohoo! I just spent the last few days playing mommy to a bunch of adorable 1 year olds for PAMPERS!   1 year olds are tough!

I booked the lead in another industrial video for McGraw Hill

I booked the lead in another Investigation Discovery show  I spent a few days in early September playing a pastor's wife with a grim future for episode 3 of the 3rd season of "Scorned: Love Kills".  

I recently became a member of The Actor's Project

I will be performing in an industry showcase in October, and the TAPNYC Monologue Challenge at 7:30pm on Wednesday, August 21st.

For more information and tickets, please visit: www.theactorsprojectnyc.com

I just filmed a NIKE commercial!!  I played a young mom in a NIKE YOUNG ATHLETES commercial.  We filmed at a beautiful house in Port Washington, NY!

I just finished filming two comedic short films - '400 Meters' directed by Jeb Banegas, and 'Bruce' directed by Christopher Bayon. 

In '400 Meters' I played the lead character - a type A career woman who becomes unhinged when she starts drinking heavily due to the frustration of living with her underachiever boyfriend.   It was a super fun 4 day shoot! 

'Bruce' is a hilarious short about a man with an imaginary friend - I played the fed-up girlfriend who has reached the end of her rope dating the two of them!


I recently booked a commercial job with McGraw Hill....got put on hold for a Charmin 'Devious Maids' commercial and VMWare commercial...got a call back for the play 'Yankee Wives' produced by Group Theatre Two....stay tuned!!

Group: The Webseries is now on blip.tv!  blip.tv/groupwebseries

Check out the FINAL episode of Group: The Webseries!   www.groupthewebseries.com

Group The Webseries - Episode 12 "Friends and Family Day" from SeaDog Productions on Vimeo.

My episode of "Deadly Sins" recently aired on Investigation Discovery!   The episode is "High Society Sins"...look for it in repeats and check out a couple screenshots!   www.investigationdiscovery.com